Investment firms are required to disclose under the MiFID the general terms of their pricing policy including any fees, commissions and non-monetary benefits in respect of any services provided to clients.  Further details concerning these fees may be provided at client’s request.


OPC fees and charges

Brokerage Transactions

o Equities → 0.1%-0.5%



o Shares→ 0.1%-0.5%

o Indices→ 0.05%-0.15%

o Commodities→ 0.05%-0.15%

Investment Advice

o 0.1%-0.5% per transaction

Note:  Fees and charges are subject to change.  They depend on a number of factors which include:

  • Portfolio Size
  • Amount Transacted
  • Exchange Value
  • Foreign Currency

Attention: Please note that this Schedule will be updated once new services are offered by Fenix so as to be included in the above table.